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Venue Limits

45 Authors 55 Readers


Director: Laurie Garrison
Assistant: Jasmyn Novachek
Editor: WildAboutBonesEditing
Ad Promotions and Buttons: Jennifer at Sapphire Designs
Swag Wrangler: Sandra Knapp

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Bitten by Romance

2018 Schedule

2018 tentive Schedule

All panels and workshops run for 50 minutes.

Workshops and panels coming soon
Featured parties and special events 
 Become a character in a book - Would you want to be written into a book? Come create your character and submit for consideration -Miranda Lynn 
Sponsored Theme Party with Julia Sykes
Sponsored party- Halloween Spooktacular- Nikky Kaye 

***Remember our audience consists of readers, authors, aspiring authors, editors, cover artists, bloggers, and many more. Therefore, each will have their own types of questions.
Panels are a great way for readers and authors to get to know you.
Our panels are set to help others learn, so we have some rules for our panels.
Each panel will have up to 5 panelists.

Workshops are another way authors and readers get to know you.
Again, we at IRC set up the workshops for learning purposes, so we appoint suited to the subject matter.


Victoria Danann

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