2017 Voting

2017 Voting
Voting will begin August 7th

Venue Limits

24 Authors 56 Readers

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2017 Attending Reader Fan Art Challenge

2017 IRC reader Fan Art Challenge

We are holding a contest for our attending readers this year. We want to see your displays or projects featuring our attending authors and their books.
You can bring decorative items, such as something that can hang on the wall; or maybe something they can autograph at the convention. Let your imagine take over and have fun with it. 

On Saturday afternoon we have an hour set for readers to show off their creations to inspire us all.

You project must include at least 5 of our attending authors.

Winners will receive
1st The winner will receive full ticket price off for 2018.

2nd Will receive 50% off of a reader ticket in 2018.

3rd Will receive 25% off of a reader ticket in 2018.

Books and other items will also be given at the convention. 

2016 winners 
Sandra 1st place

Tifnie 2nd place

Pam 3rd place 



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