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Bitten by Romance

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Welcome to Indie Romance Convention 

Would you like to attend a smaller event which offers a friend and family setting where you can get to know everyone alike?

The Indie Romance Convention (IRC) provides that exact setting. IRC not only offers one of the most friendly event settings you’ll find in the USA we are the one of the cheapest by far. Our hotel rates are less than 100.00 a night and for 2018 our convention rate for 3 days and a 4-night event is only 35.00 for readers and less than 150.00 for authors.

At the IRC:
We offer a 3 day and 4-night of learning and fun event with workshops and panels during the day and fun events at night. We do offer a two-hour book signing on Saturday. 

Readers and authors get to know each other on a more personal note.

By the end of the convention, most go home refreshed and locked and loaded with information to help throughout the year.

Over the last six years as IRC Director, I love coming out of our events and watch the readers, authors, editors, cover artist, and others start to follow each other on social media and help each other throughout the year. Once you come to our unique setting, you will understand we become family—a family who loves to help each other.

The Indie Romance Convention six annual events will be held at Lebanon TN, October 10th- 14th 2018

Come and be part of our family in 2018!
We hope to see you there!

2019 dates are October 9th-13th 

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